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Camping in Suffolk

Calling all happy campers - come and explore some of the best sites in the UK. Whether you’re taking advantage of the fantastic line up of concerts on offer in Thetford Forest or at Latitude this summer, or heading to the coast for family days on the beach, or just exploring the beautiful countryside, Suffolk is the place for you. An added bonus is that this is the place to see the most wonderful night-time stars due to the lack of atmospheric pollution and artificial light - take advantage of Suffolk's famous open skies.

It is said that the English invented the camping holiday, and 1.2 million people in the UK still choose to relax by camping. There's a backlash against long haul with more people going local. We've also recently seen the rise of 'boutique camping' as well as more glamorous camping gear and fancy tents. Coming soon to a Campsites in Suffolk near you!

Here is a full list of campsites in Suffolk on the Guide, but for a guided tour please read on -

Camping in Suffolk, Campsites

We like to offer something a little different in Suffolk so check out these 2 campsites. Offering plane spotters a 'birds eye' view of the end of the runway at RAF Mildenhall, and situated only 6 miles from RAF Lakenheath, The Willows Campsite Mildenhall is a military plane enthusiasts dream come true! Pictured above, the site is also well situated for all parts of East Anglia as it is close to various main roads, giving you easy access to Norfolk, Cambridgeshire of a day out on the Suffolk Coast. Click on the link above to find out more.

The enthusiastic association between nature, exercise, and sleeping out under the canvas seems to have begun in the 19th century. Nothing but bushes and streams would have been at hand for basic ablutions, but fortunately today’s holiday Campsites in Suffolk offer their own range of communal facilities.

If canvas is your preference but you do not own your own tent, it is possible to hire at reasonable rates. Tents nowadays range from simple and traditional to deluxe and sophisticated. After pitching up, you have the ground under your feet and the famous Suffolk sky above – there is no better way to experience nature - so visit some Campsites in Suffolk on your next holiday.

So what do you need when you go camping? Less is more – don’t forget you have to carry it! Light and simple are good – don’t bring the kitchen sink. If the wanderlust grabs you you can be up and off in under an hour, on to the next great Suffolk sight or festival.

Camping in Suffolk

The bare bones

Light – lanterns are good as you need a bit of light to get about when nature calls in the middle of the night. Watch out for insects though – they don’t like citronella tea lights so maybe pack a few of them. Tea lights are romantic and practical, but remember to blow them out! Magilite torches are ideal for camping – light and reliable.

Stove – for heating the baked beans. Broad and solid bases are good so that the beans don’t get blown over.

Something sharp – pocket knives and Swiss army knives are good for emergency opening situations as well as a variety of other obvious uses

Picnic blanket – as frankly carrying chairs around is a bit daft.

Silk linings – bearing in mind our unpredictable Summer weather, it’s best to take precautions and these linings go inside your sleeping bag, making it nice and toasty. You can also put them over your head to cover your face if it gets really chilly, as you can breathe through them. (Top tip – don’t breathe in your sleeping bag as moisture from your breath will wet it and reduce it’s insulating properties.) Not as pricey as they sound, from £25. Or try a Thermarest Mattress – inflatable and well insulated, but not cheap ranging between £50-115.

Camping in Suffolk

For the clean Greens (camping is about the most eco-friendly holiday you can take, particularly if you leave the car at home and take the train) so it’s good to see some products coming onto the market for those wishing to leave the tiniest eco footprint. There are solar powered showers on offer, solar powered chargers, wind-up battery free radios, torches and mobile phones. Find them at

Mallet – essential for hammering in those pegs at a 45-degree angle – flip flops just won’t do!

Top Tips

Be pitch perfect – remember high ground equals dry ground; stag parties are to be avoided; it’s good to be close to the toilets but not too close; water taps are better near not far; lightning usually strikes at the highest point – so go for both dry and lightening free by keeping high but away from tall trees; natural windbreaks such as hedges are good; if you have to pitch on a slope then pitch facing downhill to get rid of the rain; and pitch the door away from the wind.

Stay toasty warm – lining your tent with a metallic safety blanket, shiny side up is good insulation as it reflects body heat; see silk lining above; pack pyjamas, bed socks and a woollen hat – it is the UK after all!
Avoid getting bitten – the good thing about camping UK is that there are fewer of these blighters – midges and mozzies = than in more exotic climates, but nevertheless take some citronella bamboo torches with you to keep what there are at bay. Lavender pine and wild rosemary are also disliked by the mozzies –chuck them on the campfire. They don’t like garlic nor Marmite so make Marmite and garlic sandwiches a night time snack and you’ll be left alone (and not just by insects either!). A less radical and sweeter smelling alternative is coconut – use it as a soap, sun lotion or shampoo and it will have the same effect.

Camping in Suffolk

And, whatever the weather, just be thankful there are no bears wandering around UK campsites!

There’s a host of handy how-to’s on the VideoJug website, from putting up tents to using a camping stove to make a lavish 5 course dinner. See also -
Good camping tip sources

Please see our FULL LIST of Campsites in Suffolk.

Have you been camping in Suffolk? Where's your favourite site? Please send all comments and reviews to
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