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About Us

The Suffolk Tourist Guide is a user-friendly, independently-owned guide for visiting Suffolk. We designed this guide in the hope that you will find everything you are looking for to plan a memorable visit to this beautiful county. The guide is built to make it easy for you to search for helpful information on everything Suffolk offers so you can plan your trip and make direct bookings with our advertisers easily.

The Guide is the leading online information resource about Suffolk, but if you can’t find the information that you’re looking for, please Send us an Email

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Who are we?

The Suffolk Tourist Guide is operated by Madeleine Gill and Keira Watkins on admin, and Lara Holt, our techie. Our other Guides are the Suffolk Hotels Guide which specialises in the best Hotels in Suffolk, and Suffolk Weddings Guide to provide you with the top wedding services you’ll find in Suffolk. The Guides are not connected to or associated with the Suffolk Tourist Board or any other company or organisation.

Suffolk Tourist Guide - About Us

You will find Madeleine Gill enjoying a glass of wine on her patio in Lowestoft. Madeleine is dedicated to maintaining the upkeep of information on Suffolk and all it has to offer. She is a well-travelled individual who likes to share stories of her adventures and read up on the history of all the fascinating places she’s visited. Madeleine has experience in travel blog writing and still likes to pursue this passion in her free time.

Suffolk Tourist Guide - About Us

Lara Holt sees to all the technical aspects of our helpful guide. She ensures the site runs without difficulty and implements new functionalities to optimise the overall user experience. Before pursuing a career in web development, Lara was a full-time mum, committed to looking after her two young children. Lara studied at the University of Bristol as a young woman and expanded her knowledge in web development in later years. She spends most of her time on the upkeep of the Suffolk Tourist Guide and builds CMS-controlled websites in her free time.

Suffolk Tourist Guide - About Us

Keira Watkins was born and raised in Beccles and spends her time organising the administrative aspects of the Suffolk Tourist Guide. From updating events to responding to users’ queries, Keira ensures every user finds what they’re looking for. She attends festivals and events in Suffolk whenever she can and delivers helpful feedback to further optimise the guide’s content. She spends her free time hiking and occasionally cycling through the Suffolk countryside and enjoys discovering hidden eateries with her family. 

Our furry little friend, Megan, is always there to brighten our day with a cuddle or two. Her “can-do” attitude keeps our meetings creative and exciting. Like most cats, Megan is not much of a team player, but she certainly evokes a laugh with her playful nature.

Edgar, a magnificent Suffolk Punch, uplifts our spirits with his whimsical character and reminds us of what a wonderful region Suffolk truly is. Edgar doesn’t take things too seriously and lives for the small pleasures in life. A juicy apple is enough to keep him happy all day.

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