Suffolk Food and Drink

There are many world-class food and drink producers in Suffolk and some seriously well-established family businesses that have produced top-quality Suffolk products for generations.

Suffolk Food and Drink

Eat local fare from Suffolk’s Farm Shops and Farmers Markets when you visit. These are the best places to find quality produce.

Suffolk Food and Drink

Peasenhall is home to the UK’s oldest artisan ham and bacon producer, Emmett’s Stores.

This family establishment, which has been in business since 1820, produces black ham, a variety of meat products, and dry-cured bacon, all of which are distributed worldwide. All of the flavours are created from purely natural ingredients. There are many other natural and tasty food items to buy or enjoy in a dog-friendly cafe or garden setting. However, if you are unable to visit them, their excellent mail-order service will be of great use to you! See Emmett’s Stores to find out more.

Suffolk Food and Drink

Paddy and Scott’s Coffee, an independent, British-owned and operated firm based in the enchanting Earl Soham village, creates and delivers 20 unique gourmet, hand-roasted coffee blends. They deliver them to over 250 locations across the UK. More information about this amazing coffee can be found on Paddy & Scott’s site at Please ask for it by name!

Suffolk Food and Drink

In addition to producing milk (which is already lovely), some wonderful Suffolk dairy producers also provide Marybelle Dairy milk products made from their cows’ fresh milk. The family-run Suffolk Meadow establishment, located near Framlingham, produces speciality ice cream that cannot be missed. Using fresh, local ingredients and time-honoured methods, Marybelle milk from award-winning local cows is mixed to create premium ice cream and yoghurts. Every person can find a flavour of ice cream at Suffolk Meadow to suit their individual taste, including milk-free sorbet and ice cream made with a diabetic-friendly recipe. Regular favourites such as Choc Chip,  Mocha Coffee, and Creme de Menthe are available.

Suffolk Food and Drink

Despite the difficulties of pig rearing in Suffolk, you can still find excellent pork here. Pigs produced by Blythburgh Pork are brought up on Blythburgh’s sandy soils, which run along the Suffolk Heritage Coast. The piglets stay with their mothers in enclosed arcs for almost four weeks before being weaned and moved onto solid food. In the UK, pigs are raised using a rather common method. However, it is the free-range aspect of their care after weaning that improves the meat quality. If you are unable to visit Blythburgh in the near future, then you can still order a box of their fresh pork directly from the farm and have it delivered to your home.

Visit their website for great pork recipes using their traditionally raised pork, which has succulence and flavour and simply gives the taste that pork is supposed to have- Blythburgh Free Range Pork.

Suffolk Food and Drink

Jules and Sharpie make the greatest preservaments, which are original, fruit-rich, and deliciously unique. The jellies and chutneys are great with meat, game, or poultry, whether hot or cold, and they are especially tasty with cheese or in sandwiches.

You can use the jelly in marinades, salads, dips, casseroles, gravy, or even in a refreshing fruit salad. There are eleven options in the line, so you’ll be overwhelmed by choices. Look on their website for more information and find their products at local farm shops and delicatessens in Suffolk – Jules and Sharpie, Leiston.

Suffolk Food and Drink

Lady Eve Balfour founded the Soil Association in 1946 because of her conviction that food quality is influenced by the health of the soil in which it is grown.

Maple Farm Kelsale produces premium organic vegetables, honey, flour, and eggs. Please refer to their display for more information.

The Aldeburgh Food Festival is a wonderful event that celebrates local food suppliers. Cookery demonstrations, contests, and a wide variety of food and drink producers from across the region are all featured in this event. There are still events to enjoy after the Snape Maltings Festival; you can meet local producers all over the county and enjoy fresh, local, traceable, seasonal, organic, low-food-miles culinary delights.

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