Theatres in Suffolk

A trip to one of the fantastic theatres in Suffolk will be an unforgettable experience, with so many forms of entertainment to enjoy, such as musicals, plays, panto and comedies, and many others. The evenings often bring shows and matinee performances, and family-friendly entertainment options.

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You will also easily find a myriad of workshops, film screenings, talks, art exhibitions, and stand-up comedy at Suffolk’s theatres. Most theatres additionally offer delicious food and drinks along with parking and seating for disabled individuals.

Keep reading to find out more about the theatres in Suffolks, and click on the link of a theatre for access to more information that will include a program of all the performances and information on booking tickets.

Eastern Angles Theatre Company –

Eastern Angles Theatre Company mixes fascinating heritage with timeless theatre to bring life to regional stories and ancient history. This theatre company provides professional tours and theatre specific to the site. They focus on targeting a new audience with new writing and promoting new talent. The themes and stories they pursue are based on their sense of place, which particularly includes the East of England and East Anglia. The Eastern Angles Theatre Company has been performing since 1982 and has since expanded to Edinburgh Festival residencies and national tours over the thirty years that they have been in business.

Jubilee Hall –

The historic Jubilee Hall of Aldeburgh, which was built in 1887, is much more than merely a theatre. Situated right on the seaside, this theatre hosts the Aldeburgh Literary Festival along with numerous other events, such as performances, festivals, theatre, music shows, fairs, talks, and so much more year-round. With a fascinating history, the Jubilee Hall is an absolute must-see theatre if you’re ever in the area.

Rendlesham Forest by Burgess Von Thunen, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to experience theatrics at their best, be sure to attend an open-air play in the heart of Rendlesham Forest. Here you’ll find the legendary Red Rose Chain, Ipswich, an independent theatre company that specialises in drama workshops and authentic Shakespearean performances. Pack a picnic, sit back, and enjoy the first-class entertainment in the woods.

Spinning Wheel Theatre offers opportunities for everyone to be creative. This touring theatre supports the up-and-coming with their Aspiring Artists program that pursues in-school classes, once-off community projects, and extra-curricula for those seeking to further their talent in theatre. They hold various events throughout the year that range from summer school for children in theatre to entertaining performances at the local village hall.

The vibrant Spa Pavillion Theatre is settled on the seafront, offering its audience stunning views of the tranquil ocean waters. This theatre’s art deco auditorium can hold 900 people and offers an incredible line-up of must-see shows throughout the year. Shows range from showcasing some big names in the industry to touring theatre groups performing local productions. The audience is always well-fed at one of the two seafront restaurants that offer mouth-watering Mediterranean-style cuisine. Throughout the day, visitors can indulge in delicious pastries, homemade cakes, sandwiches, tapas, and takeaways, allowing you to plan a full day at the Theatre. Being located so close to the A14 with various transport links leading straight to the Theatre, visitors will have an easy time reaching the beautiful site.

Martin Pettitt-Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds via Flickr

Built in 1819, The Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmund, is Britain’s oldest Regency playhouse. Restored to its original Regency design, this playhouse hosts a myriad of live entertainment and drama events throughout the year. Here, you’ll find dance and music, comedy, children’s work, and some tours of the Theatre.

The Cut –

The Cut, Halesworth, is a well-known venue that features exciting performances, including cinema, music, dance, theatre, art exhibitions, and workshops, and additionally has a lovely cafe to frequent an hour before evening shows.

Tim Parkinson, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, was originally built in the 1870s and today offers a variety of must-see shows, including stand-up comedy, musicals, farce, film screenings, and the renowned Chrismas Panto. This beautiful theatre is also home to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

New Wolsey Theatre, Civic Drive Ipswich by PAUL FARMER, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A bustling art centre and versatile theatre, The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, hosts a diverse collection of brilliant shows, workshops, and post-show talks. Have a drink or snack on the sunny terrace of the Cafe Bar, and be sure not to miss the Pulse Fringe Festival.

David Gruar / The Quay Theatre, Sudbury

The Quay Theatre, Sudbury, boasts a wide range of entertainment, a book club, an art gallery, Singles’ Nights, Young People’s Theatre, costume hire, and other exciting events. The Theatre also offers visitors the opportunity to host events of all sizes here, and catering is available.

Abi Skipp from London, England, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ipswich Regent Theatre and The Corn Exchange are two examples of fantastic venues for an authentic Suffolk theatre experience or a night filled with culture. The Corn Exchange offers a variety of luxurious rooms to hire for events such as weddings, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and private social functions. It is also home to the annual CAMRA Beer Festival in September. The Regent is the largest theatre in East Anglia. Both of these venues are known to host some of the biggest names in the live music, comedy, and dance industries.

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