Walking in Suffolk

The county of Suffolk offers so many gorgeous scenes and exciting activities. Walking through the panoramic countryside and charming villages is the best way to experience all the best parts of Suffolk county. In the first of a monthly series of the great British walks, the Financial Times elected Suffolk as the best starting point to visit the ‘Black Shuck” route close to Southwold. The Black Shuck route is certainly worth a try!

Walking in Suffolk
Mik Peach, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

John Harris’s website Walking in Suffolk is a great information source for finding the best walking routes in Suffolk. Here, you can download guides, maps, and free walks. This A-grade site provides updated info on the maps of all the Suffolk walks, which can help you navigate your routes a great deal

Suffolk being relatively flat, offers a myriad of fantastic walking routes. Therefore, ramblers with disabilities can also take in the beautiful countryside with ease. The Disabled Ramblers is certainly the best organisation to get in touch with regarding group hikes and accessible trails. This organisation is run by like-minded disabled individuals who love exploring the great outdoors through wonderful trails and paths of many kinds. Membership primarily consists of mobility-disabled individuals who mainly get around by means of mobility aids, which range from scooters, pavement buggies, powerchairs, and even manual wheelchairs. The organisation set up rambles varying in difficulty that range from challenging to easy all over the UK and Wales. With the help of partners, friends, and volunteers, each rambling event caters to every taste.

Walking in Suffolk
Hadleigh Parish Church by Colin Park, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

(Hadleigh Church pictured above is well worth a visit – see our Guide to Hadleigh)

Walking weather? Check it out here – Metcheck.com

Walking in Suffolk is centred around ever-changing panoramic landscapes and wide-open skies. Experience eventful walks across widespread farmland, woodlands, railway tracks, meadows, nature reserves, heather on Dunwich Heath, and RSPB Reserves, among many more. You can also enjoy a coastal tour where you can absorb the views of the harbours and golden beaches. Enjoy a picnic with the family before exploring the trails winding through charming villages like Lavenham and Gripping Valley.

Pocket Pub Walks in Suffolk

Walking in Suffolk
Bob Jones / Edge of Brandon Park Heath

For more details about Pocket Pub Walks in Suffolk, click on the above link. This guide by Cyril Francis is very helpful in navigating your walking routes through Suffolk and includes a numbered map, interesting places on the route, details regarding the distance and the nature of the terrain, and pubs that serve good food along the way.

In the northwest region of Suffolk, The Brecks are one of the best natural areas you simply have to visit in Britain. Spanning approximately 370 square miles across Suffolk and Norfolk, this area is also one of the driest regions of England, housing a world of history dating all the way back to the Stone Age. Being the flint capital of England, the Brecks is also home to a Neolithic Flint mine, Estates from the 19th century, and medieval rabbit farming, among many other clues of human settlement. The wide-stretched landscape consists in part of peaceful forests, agricultural land and heathland, and a myriad of unique animal and plant species. You may be lucky enough to spot a deer roaming in the forest or the Stone Curlew at Weeting Heath. Recently, six new heathlands have been completely recreated and restored, and there is a wide variety of accommodation options available. You will also have the opportunity to visit Go Ape Thetford Forest.

Pub Strolls in Suffolk

Stowmarket author and outdoor walking enthusiast Cyril Francis wrote the book titled Pub Strolls In Suffolk, which serves as a fantastic guide to show you everything there is to see in the beautiful county of Suffolk. This book included thirty circular routes of around five miles or less for walkers of all ages.

Walking in Suffolk with other people can be a real treat as you can share all you see with like-minded people. Suffolk houses a variety of walking groups, of which the Ramblers Association is the most well-known. You’ll find a list of local Ramblers’ contact info below:
Lavenham Rambling Club – 01787 248128
Bury St Edmund Ramblers – call 01787 277464to reach The Footpath Strollers, who meet every second Monday at 10:30 am for relaxing walks in and around the beautiful Clare.
Stowmarket Ramblers – For those staying in Stowmarket
Ipswich and District Ramblers – For those staying in Ipswich
Suffolk Coast and Heath – For those staying on the Suffolk Coast

Some of these rambles welcome dogs on leashes and merely ask that dog owners walk at the back of the group.

Suffolk Cabins, Thornham Magna

Walking in Suffolk
Richard Rice / Path on the Thornham Estate

In the heart of Thornham Estate, Suffolk Cabins serve as the perfect base location where walking groups can enjoy comfortable accommodation.

If you’re looking for a walking trail with a mild pace and a lovely farm cafe as the final destination, check out Farm Shops and Farmers’ Markets

Walking in Suffolk
Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 1 November 2005.

See our list of Pubs in Suffolk to find the ideal spot to enjoy a refreshing drink after your walk in Suffolk.

Live Well Suffolk is an NHS campaign that encourages the community to exercise more. Their “Stepping out in Suffolk” program is offered throughout the whole county. Join this campaign to promote your health and well-being and find some lovely walking trails near you.

Check out iFootpath, an app and a website that motivates people to go outside and partake in the lovely walks all across England. This app/website provides visitors with a library of footpaths, walking guides, iPhonetown trails to countryside and riverside strolls – https://www.ifootpath.com/.

Country Parks in Suffolk

Walking in Suffolk
Andrew Hill / Suffolk country lane

Suffolk County is home to so many beautiful destinations that are ideal for strolls, jogs, picnics, and outdoor fun for the whole family.

Walks into History: Norfolk & Suffolk

The John Wilks book titled ‘Walks into History’ provides readers with sixteen circular routes of up to seven miles in length that will guide walkers through the colourful history of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Have you been enjoying some walking trails in Suffolk? Share your experience with us: [email protected].

Suffolk Tourist Guide offers you everything you need to know about all the great things to do and places to see in the wonderful county of Suffolk.

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