Unique & Unusual Accommodation in Suffolk

Suffolk offers a myriad of unique accommodation options as its rich agricultural history has led to the development of countless fascinating buildings that have been converted into self-catering cottages, B&B’s, and luxury Hotels. Here, we explore some of the many options for an incomparable stay in Suffolk.

Located just outside Saxmundham and a mere five miles from the gorgeous Suffolk Coat, Happy Days Retro Vacations is the ideal spot for a family holiday or a romantic getaway. This tree-lined trailer park brings vintage Americana to life and has earned its title as one of the Top 20 UK Glamping sites for five years in a row. Visitors can hire the site for exclusive party functions and choose between lodging in their own campervans, tents, and vintage caravans or the site’s American Airstream caravans. With a free fire pit at every trailer and an exciting garden play area, this site truly has everything you need, including a toilet and shower block with hot water wash-up sinks and family-style shower rooms.

For a glamping experience like no other, Boundary Farm offers two shepherd huts that make for the perfect country escape where visitors can get back to nature and enjoy the outdoors. Situated a mile outside Framlingham in an awe-inspiring rural area with views of the tranquil meadows and revitalising countryside, visitors can unwind and enjoy the subtle sounds of nature and get immense in the stary galaxies at Boundary Farm. Expert artisans carefully crafted the shepherd’s huts to be luxurious representations of the traditional mobile homes that historic shepherds lodged in while protecting their flocks. The huts maintained the original atmosphere and charm of earlier days while incorporating modern amenities, offering visitors the opportunity to escape from everyday life without having to sacrifice comfort. Enjoy a warming log fire, a hot shower, and a soft double bed in these quaint huts, which sleep two people each and include practical kitchen areas, flushing toilets, and en-suite shower rooms.

Unique & Unusual Accommodation in Suffolk

Take in the reviving scenes of the countryside and the peace and quiet the Shepherd’s Hut provides. Just outside the picturesque village of Peasenhall, this handcrafted hut is the perfect getaway for two, providing visitors with a lovely secluded garden, comfortable outside seating and a hammock, a wood burner with an unlimited supply of wood for those chilly winter months, and a fire pit for a delicious barbeque during warmer months. Visitors don’t have to sacrifice modern luxuries to enjoy this rustic accommodation as the hut is connected to both electricity and water supplies. Visitors are greeted with an inclusive welcome pack, which includes a bottle of fine wine or prosecco, a scrumptious homemade cake, and fresh farm eggs to kick off their stay.

Several of the Boutique Hotels offer extraordinary, uniquely styled accommodations, so click on the link to investigate or explore some non Hotel options –

The Vintage House is THE vintage place to stay in Aldeburgh. Recently restored to its 1928 glory, this 2-bedroom semi-detached holiday cottage is a truly unique place to stay. You can enjoy the original atmosphere of the 1920s and 1930s but with all the modern-day comforts that you’d expect from one of our leading self-catering agencies, Best of Suffolk. Alongside carefully restored original furniture, you can also enjoy modern creature comforts such as central heating and WiFi! Book your holiday in Aldeburgh in this remarkable Vintage House now.

Unique & Unusual Accommodation in Suffolk

Hare Lodge B&B is a uniquely designed New England-styled home just a few miles from the Suffolk Coast in the lovely village of Peasenhall. Though dating back to the 16th century, this house incorporated modern amenities, with two double bedrooms, ensuite shower rooms, and king-sized beds. The homeowners’ chickens provide breakfast, contributing to the authentic farm feeling of this great accommodation.

Unique & Unusual Accommodation in Suffolk
Kognos, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dedicated to rescuing historic architecture and significant buildings and their surroundings from neglect, the Landmark Trust is a building preservation charity that breathes new life into interesting buildings and makes them ideal holiday destinations. One of the amazingly restored buildings in Suffolk includes the Martello Tower in Aldeburgh. This intimate space sleeps four and was initially built to keep Napoleon out of the chain of towers. Close to a million bricks were used in the construction of this building and structurally placed in a quatrefoil shape to hold four heavy guns. This accommodation offers visitors the opportunity to absorb the beautiful elements of the historic building and the panoramic views of the Orford lighthouse and the Aldeburgh facilities nearby.

Furthermore, the Landmark Trust also own the extraordinary Ancient House in Clare positioned adjacent to the stunning Church in this charming town’s centre.

Unique & Unusual Accommodation in Suffolk
Kognos, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The elaborate plastering displays the date ‘1473’, and is one of the most prized art forms in the country. There are so many unusual and distinctive elements to this property, which serves as a glimpse into Clare’s history and sleeps two people.

Living Architecture offers incomparable lodging by providing contemporary accommodation that was designed by many of the most highly-praised architects in the country who kept family and group holidays in mind.

Unique & Unusual Accommodation in Suffolk
William M. Connolley, CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Their two Suffolk properties are The Balancing Barn, Thorington, which is situated on the outskirts of a beautiful nature reserve within close proximity to the Suffolk Coast, offering stunning views of the beach, and The Dune House, Thorpeness.

These two magnificent buildings are truly a sight that will take your breath away, and accommodates groups of up to nine people.

Unique & Unusual Accommodation in Suffolk

The Willow Campsite Mildenhall is any plane spotter’s paradise. You can feel what it’s like to awaken to the sight of a plane flying overhead, so close it feels like you can touch it. RAF Mildenhall is located at the end of the runway, just six miles from RAF Lakenheath. This campsite offers visitors showers, toilets, accessible electricity, water taps, and chemical disposal sites.

Nature enthusiasts will feel like they’re in heaven! Suffolk Glamping Co offers the ideal glamping experience, with 25 acres of beautiful wildflower meadows, hedges, and woodlands that take you back to Saxon times. At the centre of this site, you’ll find the Safari Tent boasting beds made of reeds, serene ponds, and a strong stream winding through the grounds. The tent will see to all your comfort needs as it is equipped with all the luxuries you can want. You’ll even have free-range hens at your beck and call for a batch of freshly lain eggs.

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