Puzzle Rooms

Suffolk Food Hall
Peppers Lane, Wherstead
United Kingdom

The Suffolk hall proudly presents two enigmas: Solve the mystery of the disappearance of Prof Campbell or attempt to escape the Bothy of the Gamekeeper. Suffolk Food Hall, located under the Orwell Bridge, provides adventures that emphasise the site’s and the surrounding area’s agricultural heritage and appeal to people of all ages.

Vanished – Prof Campbell’s Lab:

Beef has been reared on the farm for many years; this very ground was once part of a dairy operation. Times have moved on and the demand for the best flavoured beef with nutritional balance, is relentless. Prof Campbell has dedicated her life to this pursuit, looking to combine the best attributes of traditional breeds of cattle to create beef that tastes like no other.

A press conference has been called by FRESTIDE to announce a ground-breaking discovery and culmination of a lifetime’s work. There is however a problem; Prof Campbell went missing 48 hours before her big moment, leaving nothing but a note and has been uncontactable since. As suspicion mounts, her assistants have cracked under the pressure of piecing together her detailed workings to present in her absence.

With nowhere to turn FRESTIDE has placed all its hopes on one last set of fresh eyes to survey the scene or risk cancelling the announcement which will see the programme shut down forever. Can you piece together the data and find the perfect genetic code for beef, that may change civilisation forever?

Gamekeeper’s Bothy:
The story is set in the Victorian era and draws on the chronicles of the Rev. F. Barham Zincke, Chaplain to Queen Victoria, Vicar of this Parish and author of Wherstead: Some Materials for its History.

Sir Reginald Rackham, owner of the Wherstead estate and whose rabbits you have been poaching, is renowned for his ruthlessness far beyond the boundaries of his land. His gamekeeper has detained your group in the locked estate workers’ bothy while the police are summoned from Ipswich.

It will take them an hour to arrive so use that time to make good your escape… Be sure to remember the punishments for poaching could be a heavy fine, months of hard labour or even transportation to the colonies.

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Puzzle Rooms

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