Despite popular belief, Suffolk is not completely flat, and cyclists will certainly come across a hill or two. However, cycling through Suffolk is still a very relaxing experience. There may be a few inclines, but the ever-changing scenery is sure to be worth it.


Cyclists can take advantage of tracks that cars don’t have access to and extend your travels through the beautiful Suffolk countryside considerably. In addition to being great exercise, cycling through the countryside will reveal panoramic views that are hard to come by any other way.

Visitors will easily find the best routes to follow as locals are happy to share the inside scoop about the best walking and cycling trails that they know like the back of their hands.

You can get more than enough information about numerous challenging or just fascinating routes for cycling in Suffolk based on your fitness level.

A myriad of fantastic cycling routes can be explored here –


Bike Hire from Suffolk Cycle Hire, based in Rendlesham.
Discover everything Suffolk has to offer the best way, by bicycle. Local delivery and collection service available to your home, campsite or starting point. Free parking onsite.
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A lovely family cycling trip can be complemented by an exciting local railway trip. Cycling in Suffolk plays such a big role in the local lifestyle that most of the trains, including the East Suffolk Line, have bike facilities. If you prefer having your route worked out for you, you will find many family-centred tours that see to the transport of your luggage to your cosy accommodation. Tours welcome individuals and couples.

Walking in Suffolk


Suffolk is a beautiful county with lots to see and do, and what better way to get a sense of the place than walking through the open countryside and picturesque villages? Please click on the link above for more information.


If lashing your bike to your car for the entire duration of your journey seems a bit inconvenient, Suffolk offers various shops that offer cycle hire, helmets, cycling accessories, bike repairs, bike sales, and anything else you could possibly need to ease your experience.

Camping in Suffolk


Campsites in Suffolk are some of the finest in the country due to the county’s coastline and pretty country locations – and they provide the perfect accommodation option for your Cycling holiday! Please click on the link above for full details.

Occasional cyclists and families should plan on doing 8-10mph on road, and 5 mph on non-Tarmac roads.

Hoping this tempts you to get on your bike!


Below is a link to Sustrans, the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity, which is kindly providing free cycle maps for Suffolk. Tel 0845 113 0065 or visit Sustrans.

What is your favourite cycling route in Suffolk? Please send all reviews and comments to [email protected].

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