Saxmundham Museum

Saxmundham Museum

49 High St
IP17 1AJ
United Kingdom

The Museum may seem small from the outside, but there are five rooms. The first is the Reception and Shop area, where you will find some great souvenirs on sale. There are also storyboards about local people’s lives and happenings in the Green Room. The Long Family Silver Ink Stand was gifted to the Long family by the town’s inhabitants. You can also view photos of Saxmundham and the surrounding villages as they used to be, using the ‘touch screen.’

You can spend an hour watching olden times in the Cinema, where continuous pictures are displayed. In the courtyard, you’ll find the cell, where the prisoner and the Beadle used to discuss the committed crime, along with replicas of lovely local shops. Last but not least, the Exhibition Room contains varying displays every year.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Museum and answer as many questions as we can. 

The opening hours of the museum are during the morning, but you can contact Richard Crisp at 01728 663583 to make special arrangements. 

Additional features

  • Informative Day Out
  • Learn Something New
  • Historical Interest
  • Gift Shop

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