Sizewell B Visitor Centre

Sizewell B Visitor Centre

Sizewell B Power Station
IP16 4UR
United Kingdom

Have you ever wanted to discover how a power station operates? EDF’s UK power stations have visitor centres where you can learn about electricity in an engaging manner. Come and look at our exhibition space—an educational environment for visitors of any age. You discover more about the future of our energy mix, how we create our megawatts, and which wonderful career paths our business offers.

No charge for pre-arranged power station tours! Find your nearest facility and get in touch; we’d love to meet you soon!

Sizewell B is the most up-to-date pressurised water reactor in the UK, standing for Pressurised Water Reactor. Our visitor centre provides a unique glimpse into this field in our hands-on exhibit area. Pre-booking a power station tour can enhance the visitor experience. School visits can also be booked, allowing young people to engage in a variety of STEM activities.

Special Offers and Events


Time: Please note that a site visit requires three hours, including a safety briefing and a walking tour of the power station. For more information, please contact us.

Minimum Age Requirement: You must be at least 11 years old to take the station tour.

You must make reservations at least three weeks ahead. A station guide will accompany you. Before starting the site tour, you will receive a safety and security briefing and be issued with the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment). The plant tour is 1.65 miles long and includes mostly outdoor walking.

Additional Features

  • Informative day out
  • Educational classes
  • Suitable for the whole family

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