Brandon Country Park

Brandon Country Park

Bury Road, Brandon,

Suffolk, IP27 0SU

Situated within the vast Thetford Forest on Bury Road, Brandon, Brandon Country Park is open every day right throughout the year.

Brandon Country Park

More About Brandon Country Park

Explore an unrivalled land of wide-open horizons, green forest stretches, and heathland at the very heart of The Brecks: Brandon Country Park.

Brandon Country Park is set on 30 acres of beautiful parkland with countless walking and cycling trails for visitors to explore. The Brecks is an awe-inspiring, wild landscape of open heathlands, dark forests, iconic belts of towering pine trees, exquisite wildlife, and sandy soils that extends down the Norfolk border with Suffolk.

As you wander through this magnificent park, you will come across a supposedly haunted mausoleum, an arboretum, a serene lake and lawns, exciting play areas, a lovely cafe, and a stunning historic walled garden. Cycling pathways and walking trails are abundant in Brandon Country Park.

Brandon Park even features an interactive audio trail that visitors can download on their phones or tablets. During this guided, gentle walk down all the various nature trails on firm paths, the renowned artist Genevieve Rudd will encourage you to observe your beautiful surroundings and teach you sensory techniques to better connect with the environment.

History of Brandon Country Park

In the eighteen hundreds, one man had a vision that gave rise to the inception of Brandon Country Park and Thetford Forest, in which it is set. In that era, wealthy industrialists wished to hold their very own country seat, and Edward Bliss was the man who selected Brandon Hall.

Edward Bliss made his fortune in the gun flint industry during the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Bliss determinately built the Brandon Hall, the arboretum, and the mesmerising walled garden. The exotic species found in the arboretum continuously diversified, and include Giant Redwoods, Blue Atlas Cedar, and Monkey Puzzle Trees.

Bliss developed a moderate size gothic mausoleum, which is encompassed by Irish Yews. The purpose of this structure was to be the resting place of Bliss and his wife, but they ended up resting in Brandon Cemetry. The mausoleum houses Pipistrelle bats and is supposedly also the home of Baron Boretto, Edward’s nephew.

Brandon Country Park

Thetford Forest

As the flint industry started to die down, Bliss started directing his focus to planting trees, resulting in what is known today as the Thetford Forest, home to Brandon park.

Thetford Forest is a mystical and unrivalled site to explore, consisting of a wonderful collection of walking and cycling trails suited for cyclists and hikers of all skill levels.

Activities in the Brandon Country Park

There are three nature trails for visitors to explore. The red trail is one mile long, the purple trail is 5.6 km long, and the orange trail is 8.6 km long. There is a helpful visitor centre on-site, so you can easily find further information on these trails in Brandon Country Park and discover more trails suited for you.

Tips on how to stay on track while in the woods of Brandon Country Park:

  1. Use your smartphone to download “what3words,” so you will be able to call the emergency services and tell them where you are located so that they can send help in the case of an emergency.
  2. Make sure your cellphone is fully charged before you enter the woods.
  3. Download a compass app on your cellphone before you depart.
  4. Inform a family member or a friend of your planned return time before you leave.

Visit the majestic Himalayan Birch Trees set in the walled garden and behold the fragrant Bay Tree and Handkerchief Tree. The two wonderful play areas are sure to keep the young ones entertained for hours.

Brandon Country Park is the perfect place to learn more about trees found all over the world at the world-class arboretum. Visitors can indulge in a delicious cup of morning coffee and afternoon tea while snacking on a light lunch at the Copper Beech Tearoom.

Facilities at the Brandon Country Park

  • Easily accessible toilets
  • The Copper Beech Tearoom
  • A children’s play area
  • A conference and meeting room available to be hired within the walled garden
  • Ornamental lake
  • Woodland walking trails
  • ornamental lawns

Brandon Country Park Map

Although the visitors’ guide contains a leaflet displaying a map of Brandon Country Park and all the walking and cycling trails are clearly waymarked, it is still surprisingly easy to get lost on the heath or in the woods.

It is therefore crucial that visitors follow the tips listed below to avoid getting lost at Brandon Country Park.

As to how to get to Brandon Country Park, here is a map of the best route to take to find this destination without difficulty.

Best Walking Trails in Brandon Country Park

  1. Forest and Heath Trail Purple Walk (5.8 km)
  2. Thetford Red and Black Circular Walk (28.8 km)
  3. Firecrest Trail Orange Walk (9.5 km)
  4. Lime Burner Trail (14.5 km)
  5. Thetford Blue Trial Circular Walk (15.8 km)
  6. Beater Trail Circular (17.2 km)
  7. Thetford Forest Black and Red Loops (22.4 km)
  8. Beech Trail (9.5 km)
  9. Thetford Forest Blue, Black, and Red Trails (37.2 km)
  10. Brandon Country Trail (3.9 km)

At Brandon Country Park, you can start exploring the grounds at dusk and continue until dawn. There is no entry fee, but you will be required to pay for parking if necessary.

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