Days Out in Lowestoft

Days Out in Lowestoft

Lowestoft, located on the border of Suffolk and Norfolk, is a port and seaside resort with a fascinating history.

Lowestoft was one of the 20th century’s pillars of the fishing industry in the UK, while the town expanded with the growth of offshore gas and oil exploration in the North Sea in the 70s.

The Mincarlo, a museum ship on Lowestoft’s South Pier, preserves the memory of the town’s fishing industry as well as its oil and gas exploitation.

During sunny summer days, Lowestoft’s wide sandy beaches, seafront gardens, and promenades are all the more alluring, as the town is set right on the Broads National Park.

The picturesque Oulton Broad, part of the park, is a lake ringed by leisure facilities.

Here, we explore some of the best things you can do during days out in Lowestoft that the whole family will enjoy. From Lowestoft museums, boat tours, water activities, custom tours, adventure rides, theme parks, nature reserves, and so much more, Lowestoft attractions have everything you need for a fun-packed day.

Days Out in Lowestoft

East Anglia Transport Museum

The East Anglia Transport Museum is the only transport museum in the UK preserving public transportation from the early 20th century, where you can experience exciting rides on buses, trolleys, and trams all in one place.

All of these vehicles will take you through picturesque woodland and period street scenes, and many other fascinating artifacts can be explored in the museum’s exhibition halls.

Historic lorries, vintage cars, taxis, and vans are all on display at the East Anglia Transport Museum, which also features a tearoom and is open on afternoons from spring to summer.

Days Out in Lowestoft

Lowestoft Maritime Museum

There are a lot of fascinating objects about seafaring in Lowestoft, all crammed into a rather small space in the award-winning Lowestoft Maritime Museum.

A variety of objects commemorating the town’s maritime heritage, including Royal Navy and RNLI medals, tools from the shipyards, fishing gear, and ship models, are on display.

The museum is especially pleased to house the recreated workshop of Christopher Cockerell, the hovercraft inventor, which was donated after his death in 1999.

Days Out in Lowestoft

Africa Alive

Kessingland is home to this popular wildlife park dedicated to both exotic and native animals.

More than 1,000 animals are kept in 60 acres of parkland at Africa Alive, where Somali wild asses, Barbary sheep, and lechwes are among those inhabitants kept in large paddocks.

Giraffes, rhinos, and zebras are just a few of the creatures you’ll find on the plains of Africa Alive, where you can also see cheetahs, lions, and African monkeys.

There are two activities you mustn’t miss: Lookout Lodge, where you can see lions from above, and Lemur Encounters, where you can walk among lemurs.

Days Out in Lowestoft

Lowestoft Beach

There are some beautiful Victorian homes lining the promenade, bowling greens, and gardens on South Lowestoft’s seaside and beautiful beaches.

The beach becomes very crowded with sun-seeking families during the summer months, where the Claremont Pier divides it into two parts.

The pier was built in 1903 and extends over 200 metres into the beautiful North Sea. It is currently awaiting redevelopment, but two restaurants can be found at its entrance on the promenade.

Days Out in Lowestoft

Lowestoft Museum

The Lowestoft Museum is located in the Broad House in Nicholas Everitt Park and chronicles the town’s rich history.

That house, which dates back to 1685, has a significant collection of Lowestoft porcelain as well as exhibits on local personalities like Benjamin Britten, the renowned composer.

You can learn about Lowestoft’s history as a fishing and beach village by examining artefacts from the ships HMS Lowestoft and HMS Mantis.

The archaeology collection, in addition to Anglo-Saxon and Roman objects, houses 700,000-year-old tools found at Pakefield in Lowestoft, the UK’s earliest known human habitation site.

Days Out in Lowestoft

Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve

The preserve was created to celebrate, preserve, and protect the area’s natural beauty. Look out for native birds while walking through Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve.

Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve is situated in Lowestoft. You can get there at no cost if you are on a limited budget. After exploring Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve, discover some of the other local attractions, including the amazing theme park at Pleasurewood Hills, Africa Alive! and Fritton Lake Outdoor Centre. You will have loads of fun.

Days Out in Lowestoft

St Margaret’s Church

The church spire, which is illuminated, can be seen from anywhere in Lowestoft and has been for hundreds of years. It served as a waymark for ships navigating the Suffolk coast.

A wooden panel showcases a list of every parish priest that has been there since 1308. The Lowestoft fishermen who died at sea between the 1890s and 1920s are also honoured on a wall on the north of the nave.

Days Out in Lowestoft

Somerleyton Hall & Gardens

Somerleyton Hall, a prominent Victorian country mansion, is situated at the core of the property. Because Lord and Lady Somerleyton are now residing there, the hall is not open to the general public.

You can admire the architecture while strolling through the lovely green space of the Somerleyton Gardens. Explore every corner of this magnificent property, which is full of surprises. Throughout the year, they attempt to keep their calendar filled with interesting activities, such as Pumpkin Trails and Easter Egg hunts.

Days Out in Lowestoft

Nicholas Everitt Park

A peaceful open space on Oulton Broad, Nicholas Everitt Park, once a private estate, is now a restful place to relax.

Nicholas Everitt died in 1908, leaving his land to his friend, the philanthropist Howard Hollingsworth, who in turn donated the land to the town after his death.

The Lowestoft Museum is situated at Everitt’s Broad House, and there are loads to keep the kids amused during summers, such as a boating lake, crazy golf, and trampolines. Picnicking is permitted on the open grass near the Broad, where weekly summer concerts are held.

Days Out in Lowestoft

Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills theme park, located on the northern edge of Lowestoft, offers kids a variety of water rides, rollercoasters, carousels, bumper cars, and railway systems.

There are more than 35 rides, shows, and experiences to enjoy at Pleasurewood Hills, so this amusement park will have you spoiled for choice of what to do first. For a rush, try ‘Wipeout,’ a boomerang rollercoaster that reaches speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, travels through three backward loops and then repeats the course backwards.

Children can have fun in the Heart Kids’ Zone at Pleasurewood Hills, which offers lighter attractions like a miniature pirate ship, a play area with indoor activities, and flying elephants.

Days Out in Lowestoft

Lowestoft Harbour

Commune with the great outdoors at the wonderful Lowestoft harbour, where you can enjoy a stroll beside this relaxing area’s seaside or eat at some of the top-notch restaurants in the area. Alongside the harbour, you’ll find the renowned Ness Point, the Scores, as well as the beautiful beaches. This is the perfect spot to just unwind and get back to nature at its finest.

Days Out in Lowestoft

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