Felixstowe Beach

Felixstowe Beach

Visiting Felixstowe Beach

Families flock to Felixstowe beach on the Suffolk coast year after year. Despite its primary function as a port for giant ships and boats of all types, Felixstowe also has two Blue Flag accredited beaches. Family-friendly spots and more rural stretches are available on the 4-mile beach in the attractive seaside town of Felixstowe in the UK.

Felixstowe, Suffolk

The town of Felixstowe is located in Suffolk, which is the southernmost part of East Anglia, a region in eastern England. Felixstowe Port, the largest container port in England, is also located in this charming seaside resort, between the rivers Deben and Orwell. Felixstowe is home to two wonderful beaches: the mainly shingled North beach and the more popular South Beach.

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The Shingled North Beach

The North beach consists of pebbles, sand, and shingle. In addition to being less sandy, the North beach is also quieter than the neighbouring South beach. You can explore the nostalgic beach huts and seafront gardens during summer. In addition, there are children’s amusement arcades and lots of places to eat, like cafes and restaurants serving delicious fresh fish and other foodie delights.

Windsurfing, water skiing, and scuba diving are just a few of the activities you can enjoy at this shingle beach. Barbecues are also allowed in a certain area. Further down the path, visitors can enjoy wonderful coastal views while playing golf. Even better, the beach is dog-friendly, but there are restrictions when you visit during the holiday season.

North Beach is, without a doubt, quieter than South Beach, and the fact that it is backed by the seafront gardens and promenade makes it the ideal spot for those seeking to relax in a peaceful destination. This sand and shingle beach is perfect for swimming after indulging in a soft serve from one of the many kiosks selling ice creams.

Important Information About The North Felixstowe Beach

  • Public toilets can be found at Felixstowe Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe Town Hall, Felixstowe Leisure Centre, Ocean Boulevard, and Bath Tap along the shingle beach.
  • There are no lifeguards on duty on this Felixstowe beach.
  • Kiosks selling ice creams, refreshing drinks, and yummy snacks are located on the promenade in the beach huts.
  • Certain parts of this sand and shingle beach are dog-friendly, but restrictions may apply during the holiday season. More information on restrictions can be found on signage on the promenade.
  • Public street parking and car parks are located within easy walking distance of the shingle beach.
Felixstowe Beach

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Sandy South Beach

The area of the beach south of the pier is known as the famous South Beach and consists of much more sand than the mainly shingled North Beach. Felixstowe’s sandy South Beach is a nice spot to go for a swim or stroll along the seashore.

Families prefer to visit these four miles of sand and shingle beach because it has sand (for building sandcastles, of course), sloping gently to the sea, and a sheltered bay. Furthermore, the beach has the prestigious Blue Flag award for cleanliness and is the only one in Suffolk with `excellent’ water quality ideal for swimming. This distinguished Seaside Award recognises the beauty of the beach south and praises the environmental efforts implemented to maintain impressive water quality.

There have been many improvements to the beach over the years. You can find kiosks selling ice creams, in addition to a variety of shops and cafes. Swimming is the only activity permitted here, but you can still enjoy all the seaside facilities. In addition, there are walking and biking paths. The Felixstowe tower is one of the areas you can explore at South Beach. There’s a wide promenade running parallel to the beach where you can grab a snack. Throughout the year, South Beach is the perfect spot for a well-deserved break.

Some of the traditional colourful beach huts are available for hire and can be found on the promenade backing the sand and shingle beach.

Overall, South Beach has all you may need for a perfect family beach day, with shops selling snacks, ensuring a fun day without the interruption of keeping everybody fed.

Important Information About South Beach

  • Public toilets can be found on Beach Station road, at the Felixstowe Leisure Centre, at Manor Terrace, at View Point Cafe, and just up the road at Martello Park.
  • There are no lifeguards on duty on Felixstowe beach.
  • On Beach Street, Ocean Boulevard, and at the Felixstowe Pier, you’ll find kiosks selling ice creams, refreshing drinks, and some yummy snacks.
  • South Beach is dog-friendly, but certain restrictions may apply during the holiday season, which can be found on signage on the promenade.
  • Public street parking and car parks are all within close walking distance of South Beach.
Felixstowe Beach

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More About Felixstowe Pier

The Pier at Felixstowe was constructed of wood and stretched 2450 feet in 1905. Because of this, the pier was a unique structure at the time. Although it was demolished in World War II, it became a regular landing spot for steamships. After it was destroyed, the area was closed to the public for safety reasons.

No progress was made on the pier’s renovation from 1996 to 2004. However, in 2012, the process of rebuilding the Pier took several months. The Felixstowe Pier is now home to a vibrant amusement centre with a gaming arcade, entertainment centre, a restaurant serving delicious food, bars, and many noteworthy attractions for families to enjoy.

Coffee, tea, refreshments, and ice creams are all available at the boardwalk café. They offer fresh meals every time, and there are a variety of wines and cocktails to choose from.

Felixstowe Beach

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More About The Felixstowe Ferry

A close look at the mouth of the river Deben will reveal the peaceful atmosphere at Felixstowe Ferry. Visitors may discover the most charming side of the town by visiting the shore’s weatherboard homes, boatyard, sailing club, and church.

The ferry was constructed in the 1880s and was an intriguing World War II facility. You will also encounter a group of boats built by the renowned Edward III.

When you get up early to go fishing, this magical place is always bobbing in the water estuary. If you’re using the promenade route, you can reach this lovely destination on foot. This stretch is also an excellent location for nature enthusiasts to go bird-watching.

Felixstowe Beach

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Things To Do at Felixstowe Beach


Fish are available to be caught at Felixstowe Beach all year round, even during the winter months. Summertime sees the presence of bass, mackerel, dogfish, and pouting, among other fish. The best time to go fishing at this beach is in the early morning hours or late in the evening during the summertime. The most successful bait to use during the winter months has proven to be works and squid.


Windsurfing is regularly practised on Felixstowe Beach. The flat, fast water is the ideal ground for all competitive races. If you are unable to utilise the right conditions on the beach, you may have difficulty launching the carving pebble beach.

Felixstowe offers a variety of sailing experiences during the summer, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer. Young adults can also take part in the youth sailing section.


Kayaking activities are permitted during the summer months and are tailored to a specific age group. A class trip will ensure a day of unrivalled fun.

Getting to Felixstowe Beach

Felixstowe is ideally situated close to other villages on the Suffolk coast, including Ipswich. Many bus and train stations connect towns like Bury St Edmunds to Felixstowe. You can visit Felixstowe beach by way of car, taxi, bus, or train. The ANGLIA train is the first one to get to Felixstowe Beach Holiday from Ipswich (17 minutes away, about 20 kilometres).

By Car

To get to Felixstowe from Ipswich, you must first connect to the A14 via the M1 and M6. The A12 takes you to the southern side of M25 in London, which connects to the A14.

There is a car park on the seaside that charges 1.2 pounds every four hours. If you park all day, you will probably pay around 2 pounds. The Tier permits free parking if you don’t mind walking a while to the beach.

By Bus

There are five routes between Ipswich and Felixstowe (routes 75-77). In addition, there is an express bus on the X7 that runs every day except Sundays.

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